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André Luiz Araújo is the name behind Arkadak/Anunax. 

André was born in São Paulo, Brazil and within 15 years old he already started to envolve into the electronic music scene.

Around 2000's he was already going to weekly gigs at underground clubs. That first time was the time that he also met the open air concept - falling in love for the psychedelic trance.

After graduated on college, with a solid career in a company, he decided to take time to develop his passion. He started his DJ project around 5 years ago, and started to produce tracks 1 year ago.

Today he is signed with Psygen Records and it's bringing our longest album so far: APACHE

The album containing 6 tracks, incluiding a collab with the great producer Akasha, it's available at Bandcamp, Beatport, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many more! Don't forget to check the demo mix at our soundcloud page.

azure - out now



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