The psychedelic trance project Gonzera (Oz/Pravda/Whoaim) is a project created by the producer Gabriel Santana which seeks influences in the most varied aspects of electronic music. 

Since the beginning, Gabriel had expressed an interest in music; and was always looking for instruments and ways to learn. On 2011 he decided to dedicate himself to electronic music; playing house and techno. Then, he decided to work with trance music.

On 2017, Gabriel and Daniel (aka Bugaboo) decided to plan a platform to release their music and give space to new artists as they to publish new music.

Going to parties since young, Gabriel seeks references and variated characteristics that will compose his melodies, psychedelic leads and grooves; providing the most significant psychedelic trip.

Gonzera is releasing his premier album together with Bugaboo with the duo Boros.

Boros - Genetic Lab is coming soon by Psygen Records - previews coming soon!