Get 2 Tickets for Sun Department's label night at Hamburg, German.

We are giving you a chance to get 2 tickets for Sun Department's 5 Years Anniversary label night on November 24th at Hamburg, German.

We love their music and definitely is an inspiration for all of our family - producers and djs. We bring you a fresh mix set made by WHOAIM [progressive/full on/psy] playing amazing songs that make Loud being Loud.

Since we are happy we are decided to give you a pair of tickets to Sun Department's 5 years celebration at November 24th on Hamburgo - German.

To win it is simple:

- You have to listen carefully Tribute to Loud by Whoiam and the promo mix 2018 Vol.1 by WHOAIM at

- Like and play both sets

- Comment here and on the other set which famous track by Loud do you like most

* Note: If you do not have a Soundcloud account you may give the plays and share this set on Instagram with the tags #psygenrecords #sundepartmentrecords and the name of the track.

[ Leave your comment on the giving away post at: ]


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