25 year old Sentinel has celebrated the Goa scene since 2012-2013, and that's where he found the love and passion to the Progressive PsyTrance genre and of course another genre that had to offer that he met on numerous Events and Festivals he visited around Germany.

Sentinel does have interests in more. And is planning on making new projects to give the people not only 1 slice of the genre when there is more to give and share.

He will, of course, let you guys know when the time has come to show what he has to offer.


Sentinel is still a work in progress but he evolves each day he is in the studio, playing the tracks that he has to offer from many Artists he supports. He is mainly after Artists that he supports that are from Israel and many around the globe.

He is currently on contract with the Psygen Records, and will bring much music for the psyworld.



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